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The Suicide Series [People Pleasing Mentality]

I would like to apologize for the delay. I praise the Lord for giving me strength to write this. May He speak life to all of us. Read the first two installments here and here. You may check the introduction here. Let’s start!

Our Current Mindset

Look at yourself in front of mirror. See a beautiful person? Probably not. There’s always someone better. There’s always someone… bitter.

You see that girl with the perfect nose and the perfect brows? You’re not like her. You see those bullies who threw not-so-child-friendly-words at you? They will always be happy, and you? Yes you, well you’ll always be miserable. You will never be one of them. You will always be plain old you. You are meant to stay that way. Poor you.

You go to the department store and see what these people like. “Do I really need this?”, you ask yourself. You give a sigh and throw this thing in your shopping cart. All for them to accept you. All for these people to love you.

Did it work? Did they instantly love you just the way you are? Probably. Or not.

God’s Intervention

Anger and unforgiveness.

You see your bullies and what do you feel? Anger. You see those who have wronged you and see that they’re happy as can be. Will you forgive them? Not in their wildest dreams. Anger. Unforgiveness.

Imagine if God did not send His only son for the forgiveness of man. What will happen to us? Remember, we’ve mocked Him. You may say, “Hey, I never mocked God. I love Him so much!!”. Well, we’re all sinners, so in one point or another, we’ve been part of those who mocked Him. Imagine His anger poured out on us. Well, that’s a little creepy. It’s amazing to think that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us from ALL of our unrighteousness. He makes us clean. Why then, can’t we forgive those who have hurt us?

Jealousy and Envy

See those girls who seem to be living the “perfect life”? You greet them and admire them, but deep inside your rotten heart, jealousy and envy overflows. You’d try to be like them so that other people will like you as well. God has promised us a new heart. God has promised us a brand new start. God made you fearfully and wonderfully! Some people may not appreciate who you are, but He wants you to know that He loves you! He is pleased with you!

Let’s Crush it: The People Pleasing Mentality

Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. It’s time to stop impressing other people. It’s time to please the only one who can make you whole. People will always have their opinion of you. Some will like you, some won’t. It’s a fact of life. Another fact that we should focus on is that we have an audience of ONE! If we continually please other people, then we will be tired, because different people want you to change, one way or another. But God, He looks at you with love. We have the guide to please Him and that is the Bible. Read it, meditate on it and live it. The Lord is pleased with you! Die to yourself. Die to your craving of people’s attention. Be alive in Christ, and in Christ alone.

Challenge: Say a short prayer thanking God for loving us and for forgiving us from all of our sins if we ask Him to. Ask Him for forgiveness if you’ve buried jealousy, envy, anger and unforgiveness in your hearts. Apologize also for your people pleasing mentality and ask Him to renew your mind about this. Ask Him for strength in order for you to fix your eyes on Him alone.

Ask people for forgiveness if you’ve been angry, unforgiving, jealous or envious of them. Ask God to heal your relationship.

Fix your eyes on Jesus! God bless us all. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The Suicide Series [People Pleasing Mentality]

  1. Another important thing to remember about forgiveness is that, if we don’t forgive, we hold ourselves hostage, not the person who has wronged us. And God doesn’t want us to live in bondage to this! Thanks for this post. I am most definitely a people pleaser.

  2. The important thing to remember about forgiveness is that, when we harbor unforgiveness, we are only holding ourselves hostage, not the person who has wronged us. God doesn’t want us to have to live with that. Thanks for your post. I too am a people pleaser!

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