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The Suicide Series [The Victim Mentality]

Hey ya’ll I’m back! I’m so excited to share with you the first installment of this blog series. If you haven’t read the introduction for this series, you may read it here. Now that you have an idea on what this series will be about, let’s just, hop right into it.
Our Current Mindset
Have you ever felt insecure? Ya know, that feeling when you flip through magazines and see pictures of models who have perfect bods. On the other hand, you check yourself in front  of the mirror and see… well, the girl with Tina the talking tummy. Oh well, so much for my white chicks reference.
If you haven’t felt insecure [which I highly doubt], great. I’m so happy for you, but have you ever felt so dirty? You look at your past and you see dirty old you doing things that you now regret and you just feel so… worthless. Shame just fills you up and it’s as if there’s no hope. It’s as if you can’t change. It’s as if you’re stuck in a black hole and nobody can ever take you out.
Or maybe you’ve been bullied. Maybe life’s been hard for you. They’d laugh at you. Throw inside jokes about you, or even leave you all alone at lunch. Trust me, Katie, from the Mean Girls, is not the only one who has experienced that. I did. Maybe you did, too. Did this experience bring a traumatic effect in your life that you, all of a sudden, fear rejection? And because of this fear you see yourself pushing people away [even people you love] in order to avoid social interaction and well, eventually avoid pain.
These experiences show a pattern and if we can identify it, we can see that it’s all about some negative thoughts that may be resting in our brains. We must know that these are lies. These are ALL LIES. We must remember that the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy, but Christ has come to give us life and life to the full!
God’s Intervention
While I was battling with these thoughts, insecurities, feelings and fears, God revealed some things that changed my perspective. Here are some of what He revealed to me:
He revealed that the reason why we are insecure is because we do not delight in the way He created us. We compare ourselves with others and it just makes us miserable. If we can just shift our focus on him and see His amazing design then we might just praise Him cause we are created after His own image. We should not settle for the world’s standard. We are His masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made.
Fear of Rejection
He told me that the reason why we fear rejection is because we are too afraid to get hurt by other people. The result of this is pushing people away so that we won’t get hurt anymore. This is the reason why sometimes, we just act like losers who claim to be worthless. NO! It shouldn’t be that way. It says in John 1:12, “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”. That’s awesome news! We are God’s children! [That is, if we’ve accepted Him as Lord and saviour already]. If we are children of The King, scratch that, THE KING OF KINGS, then what does that mean? That means that we are princesses and princes! If we just focus on Him and not on ourselves and our surroundings, then we would find out that we have been ACCEPTED already! Not by any insignificant person, but by the KING of KINGS! WOW!
Worthlessness and Hopelessness
It says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”. For those of us who feel like there’s no hope, there’s good news. If we have accepted Christ, it is said in His word that if we are in Christ, then we are his new creation. Let’s not be stuck in the past. God is allowing us to move on! We must remember that He has already made us new. Our worth should be based on the finished work of Jesus Christ and not on ANYTHING ELSE. We should put our hope in Him. He makes ALL things new and that includes, you.
You may be reading this thinking, “Shekinah, you just don’t know my situation!! You don’t know how broken I am!!!”. Well, I’ve said that in the past [depression stage] and I’ve just realized that my focus wasn’t on Him. Maybe, just maybe, the reason why He allowed these thoughts to linger in our minds is for these thoughts to break us, so in our broken state, we may find ourselves whole in Him.
Let’s Crush it: The Victim Mentality
You are not a victim anymore! You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus! We are not slaves of sin, but we are slaves of righteousness! Enough is enough. We should not allow the enemy to put our focus on ourselves. We can live victorious lives! We must fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and the perfecter of our faith.
Know that you are beautiful. Know that you are loved. Know that you are accepted, not rejected. You are loved and you’re not hated. Have you surrendered your victim mentality to Christ yet?
Say a short prayer thanking God for creating you in His image and likeness. Thank Him for accepting you as His Child. Thank Him for freeing you from being a victim of your past, your fears and your feelings.

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